Which Home Appliances Use the Most Energy?

When the summer heat soaks up all your funds with A/C bills, knowing how to save money on other home appliances can be a big help to even out your energy bills. Summer is a good time to try out new ways of saving energy in the kitchen, laundry, and all around the house!

In the Kitchen

Which Home Appliances Use the Most Energy?

It’s easy to neglect the appliances you use the most, like the refrigerator, which actually costs up to 10 cents an hour to run. Cutting down on the cost of keeping your food refrigerated is simple when you tune your cooling settings! Most refrigerators are set cooler than they need to be. Just make sure you don’t tune it too low, the cost of replacing your groceries will definitely outweigh your savings on energy!
Average cost per hour: 10 cents

In the Laundry Room

Which Home Appliances Use the Most Energy?

The hottest room in the house, and for a reason! Not only is your air conditioner working harder to cool your laundry room when you are in cleaning mode, but using heat in both the washer and drier is what’s really causing your bill to skyrocket! Using a washer and dryer with heat could run you up to 50 cents an hour! Thankfully, with modern technology these settings are easy to change. Instead of rinsing your clothes with hot water switch it to cool when you can and dry all your clothes on a medium heat setting to cut your laundry costs in half. Always separate your colors in the washer but if there is extra room in your drier put all of your colors together!
Average cost per hour: 50 cents

Around the House

Which Home Appliances Use the Most Energy?

Central air conditioning and heating is a must, especially in the summer when your A/C runs up your bill higher than all the winter months combined. Looking into a more energy efficient HVAC system could be the answer to your prayers if your energy bill is breaking the bank. Keeping your fan setting on ‘auto’ instead of ‘on’ will ensure that your fan isn’t circulating warm air when the AC isn’t running.

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