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AC Maintenance

Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

Let’s face it; most of us really don’t pay much attention to our air conditioners until they stop working. And while you may think your AC is fine just sitting there unattended, it needs your attention! Just like all of the equipment in your home, your AC needs to be checked out every now and then to ensure it’s working properly. This is where regular air conditioning preventative maintenance comes in. Having your system professionally checked helps to ensure that your AC runs smoothly all year round so you receive maximum comfort with minimal hassle.

What is Preventative AC Maintenance?

Every car owner knows you have to look after your vehicle if you want it to run its best. After all, you wouldn’t drive 100,000 miles without having your oil changed or your tires rotated!

This same principle applies to your air conditioner. It works hard to make sure your family is comfortable. But twice a year, you need a professional to take a look under the hood and make sure your AC is working right.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Air Conditioners

During your AC tune-up, an experienced technician will do a thorough check of your entire system. They will:

Home AC Maintenance– Check for oil and Freon leaks
– Inspect evaporator coils and condensate pan
– Check compressor operation pressures
– Check amperage of all compressors and fan motors
– Check all electrical connections and wiring
– Lube motor and shaft bearings if needed
– Clean condenser coil as needed
– Service electric heat strips as needed
– Check for noise or vibrations
– Inspect and test safety controls
– Check thermostat

Top 3 Preventive AC Maintenance Benefits

When you invest in AC maintenance, you are investing in a healthier and more comfortable home. That’s because maintenance actually improves the quality and consistency of your air. Just some of the benefits that you will notice include:

1. Lower Energy Bills – Perhaps the biggest benefit for many homeowners is a lower electric bill every month. When your AC is maintained regularly, it runs more effectively. This means your system now uses less energy to cool your home, helping you save money.

2. Longer System Life – Your system should last you at least 10 years. However, if you neglect maintenance, this may not be the case. Regular maintenance can help to catch little issues before they become major problems, so you can enjoy your system for years to come.

3. Better Air Quality – When your air conditioner is dirty, your air is dirty. Your AC needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent harmful organic growth from reaching your family. AC maintenance ensures that your system is clean and your air is safe enough to breathe.

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