What Is an Evaporator Coil?

Your air conditioning system is comprised of hundreds of parts, big and small, all working harmoniously to provide you with the cooling and heating power you need to keep you comfy. The evaporator coil is one of these parts, and although it may be small, it has a big job to do.

What is an Evaporator Coil?

The refrigerant cycle is necessary to cool your home or business. During this cycle, refrigerant is chilled and sent to the evaporator coil, before being converted from a liquid to a gas. Once the conversion takes places, the fan motor is signaled to turn on and begins to blow cooled air through the rooms within your home or business. Put simply, the evaporator coil works to absorb heat as it passes through an air conditioning system during the refrigeration cycle, so it plays a key role in providing you with cooling power.

How to Clean an AC Evaporator Coil Without Removing It?

Your air conditioning system isn’t immune to repairs. Just like any other big investment, it will require some TLC from time to time. One of the most common issues evaporator coils encounter is due to lack of maintenance. Over time, the evaporator coil can become dirty and cause insufficient cooling and heating if it’s not properly maintained. Fortunately, regularly cleaning the evaporator coils is easy and can keep the coils (and the rest of your AC) in great condition.

How to Clean an Evaporator Coil in 5 Steps

While you can have a professional clean the evaporator coils in your air conditioning system, you can also opt to do the job yourself. All it takes is a little elbow grease and these quick and easy steps below.

1. Start by turning your air conditioning system off, ensuring there is no way for the system to be switched on
2. Locate the evaporator coils. All air conditioning systems are different, but they are typically housed in a specific panel. Consult your manual if you are unsure where to find them
3. Create a cleaning solution from warm water and a household cleaning detergent. Put the solution in a spray bottle
4. Spray the solution on the coils and let it sit for around 10 minutes
5. Using a soft rag, gently wipe away any dirt and debris from the coils

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