How Do I Change My AC Air Filter?

As Floridians, we seriously love our AC. Air conditioning keeps our homes cool and comfortable on those muggy, humid days. It also keeps our indoor air clean and free of pollutants.

Did you know that AC air filters are responsible for removing particles of dust, soot, and allergens from the air?

When the filters become dirty or clogged, it negatively impacts your home’s indoor air quality and the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. That is why it’s so essential to change your air filter regularly!

Believe it or not, changing the AC air filter is one of the simplest maintenance tasks you can do.

Our step-by-step guide will walk you right through this project!

How To Change Your AC Air Filter

Step 1. Turn off the power – Turn the power off at the control panel and at the circuit breaker. This is for your safety and the safety of your equipment. Having the power off will prevent electrocution and/or damage to your unit. If your AC system is running while you’re removing a clogged filter, dust and debris can get sucked into the handler components.

Step 2. Remove the old filter –You will see that your AC filter is secured inside of a slot or frame. To remove it, simply slide the filter out.

Step 3. Inspect the filter –Examine the filter. Is it clogged with dirt and dust? If it is, it will need to be replaced. There are many factors that impact the rate at which filters become clogged.

Step 4. Insert the new filter –An arrow on the filter’s frame will show you the direction of airflow. This is always away from the return air duct and toward the air handler mechanism. Put the new filter back into the slot, ensuring that the arrow points away from the return and toward the air handler.

How Often Should I Change My AC Air Filter?

You know changing your air filters regularly is important for your indoor air quality and the efficiency of your AC system. But, how often should you change your AC filters?

We recommend replacing your AC air filter every month. However, many factors can affect this timing.

The frequency in which you should change your AC filters can vary depending on the following:

What Type of Air Filter Do You Have?

Not all air filters are created equal. Some filters are designed to work more efficiently than others. More efficient AC filters trap more particles and last longer. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement and make adjustments according to your home’s environment.

How Often Do You Use Your HVAC System?

There are two questions you should ask yourself: How often are you home? What is the weather like where you live?

Homeowners who live in cooler climates normally don’t use their AC system as much as we do here in Florida. These homeowners can get away with changing their air filter less often.

However, if you live in Florida and are home daily, you probably heavily rely on your cooling system. If you use your AC daily, it will benefit you to replace the filters every few weeks rather than once a month.

Do You Have Allergies?

When your allergies act up, you feel miserable. One of the best things you can do to lessen your allergy symptoms is to be proactive about changing the filter in your air conditioning system. The air filter helps remove dust, dirt, and pollutants from the air. Once the filter gets coated from absorbing the particles, you will want to change it to prevent your allergy symptoms from worsening. This might mean changing your AC filter more often to keep your allergy symptoms at bay.

Do You Have Pets In Your Home?

If you have pets that shed or track in debris from outdoors, you will want to check on your air filter every few weeks to see how dirty it is. Pets can bring in excess dust and dirt which will affect how often your air filter needs to be changed.

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