HVAC Tips to Help With Allergy Season

Spring is right around the corner on March 20th and basically already here for some here in Florida. Those with outdoor allergies also suffer while inside with the air conditioning system running. There are secrets of the trade, which Colman Heating & Air is proud to know, that can help eliminate these problems. We can provide high-tech filters and HVAC maintenance that keep your system running properly, and keep your allergies at bay.

How your Filter Affects Allergies

Most mechanical filters are designed to last about 30 days. You’ll want to change it more often if you’ve had a guest who smoked, or when it’s running constantly in the summer.

For your convenience, call us to schedule a year’s worth of appointments to replace your filter with the most efficient one available. Call Colman to make an appointment online. Then relax, and never think about your filters again.

How HEPA filters work

HEPA filters trap contaminants with multiple layers of tightly-woven materials. They are usually pleated. With a complex web of fibers, HEPA filters stop dust and pet dander particles from recycling back through the system. Contaminants are removed on a microscopic level.

Not all HEPA filters are alike. Some use ionized air to gather and filter particles. Some can stop particles as small as 0.003 microns – the smallest size. Bacteria and viruses are filtered out, no matter how small.

How your Duct System Affects Allergens

Dust in your ducts? Get it out! Duct cleaning and repair is a must in our Florida heat. At every season change, or at least three times a year, have an HVAC specialist clean your ducts system. You’ll be amazed by how much dust accumulates in just three short months.

Regular checks can also save you money by repairing leaks as soon as they happen. When your ducts are clean, your air conditioning will run more efficiently.

Depend on Colman for Quality Service

Since 1979, Colman Heating & Air has specialized in designing, installing and repairing custom comfort systems for homes in north and central Brevard County. We are your one convenient source for everything heating and air.

We take pride in our customer service and pledge to be completely honest with you. There are no hidden costs or jobs half-done. Rest assured – we stand behind our work 100 percent and promise you an enjoyable, hassle-free experience. Contact Colman Heating & Air today.

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