6 Ways to Prevent Thermostat Wars at Home

Most people cherish spending time at home with their families. Since the vast majority of time is spent at work, being able to relax at home and just be together is a luxury.

That being said, these moments are rarely postcard worthy. As much as we may love them, the reality more often goes like this: Someone may take too long in the bathroom. Someone else may have eaten the last of the cereal and tempers begin to flare. Then there are thermostat wars. One person will complain it’s too hot, while another will inevitably say they’re freezing.

How to deal with thermostat wars at home

1. Improve energy efficiency. You can do this by sealing windows and making sure your insulation is up to par. Not only will doing this improve your AC’s performance, it will also help keep your energy bills down. You can get started by completing a “do-it-yourself” home energy audit or by having a professional auditor do it.

2. Get a programmable thermostat. Even though turning up the heat or setting the AC to dismally low temperatures won’t make your home heat up or cool any faster, impatient family members may be too quick to set the thermostat at ridiculous temperatures – as soon as they get home. By installing a programmable thermostat, you nip this issue in the bud by having your system adjust to relatively comfortable temperatures before everyone arrives home for the evening.

3. Get space heaters and fans. It’s impossible to please everyone. If one of your kids is always wearing a snuggie, get them a space heater. The same goes for the one who’s been having hot flashes since middle school. Peace begins at home, and if you have too many people under one roof, it might make more sense for them to adjust the temperatures in their rooms with portable devices.

How to deal with thermostat wars at work

Sometimes, the problem is at work. It’s not uncommon for employees to complain their office is as frigid as a walk in Antartica. However, according to Psychology Today, the optimal temperature for best performance is in the low to mid 70s.

Granted, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, since some people have more body fat than others; but it’s a good starting point. If after this good faith attempt, there are still issues, you could follow the suggestions below.

1. Conduct a survey. Straight out ask employees which temperature they would be most comfortable with. Majority wins. The rest can use space heaters or portable fans.

2. Offer a flexible work schedule. If someone doesn’t have to be at the office all day every day, let them telecommute. After all, there are plenty of positions that only require a computer, a phone, and an internet connection. Find a way to keep them accountable for work done, and voilà. Less people butting heads about the office temperature.

3. Have everyone install the Comfy app. In this day and age, there’s an app for everything. Comfy works with the workplace’s AC system to personalize temperatures according to which employees are in a specific location in the building. Everyone wins, since it also allows for better energy efficiency and prevents overcooling of the workplace.

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