5 Heating and Cooling Alternatives

Heating and air conditioning require a large amount of power to keep interiors comfortable. Instead of investing in a new, perhaps more energy efficient system, homeowners might want a few tricks they can start implementing right away. Fortunately, Floridians do not encounter freezing temps as much as states up north, but late winter months can still get chilly. Especially in the fall and winter, Floridians can take advantage of heating and cooling alternatives to help manage temperature swings.

1. Try space heaters or portable fans.

2. Consider installing better insulation, which can do wonders when it comes to keeping the interior cool or warm.

3. Older homes with window units can benefit from ductless systems, which are much more efficient. Plus, ductless systems can heat and cool rooms.

4. During the early fall, try opening windows and using ceiling fans in lieu of running the air conditioner.

5. Homes with wood burning fireplaces or fire pit can enjoy the warmth and crackle of a cozy fire. Wood is actually considered a biomass, a more sustainable alternative to gas or electric.

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