What is a Zoned AC System?

A zoned AC system is a heating and cooling system that operates by using dampers in your ductwork. The purpose is to regulate and flow air to specific areas in your home. This type of system allows homeowners to create customized temperature zones throughout their homes to increase AC efficiency and comfort.

Is a Zoned AC System Right for Me?

Do you wish there were a way to control the temperature of different rooms or floors in your home? Do you want to improve the comfort and indoor air quality, while decreasing energy costs? Fortunately, a zoned AC system makes all of this possible. If you’re wondering if a zoned AC system is right for you, consider the following factors.

3 Reasons to Install a Zoned AC System

1. You Live in a Two-Story or Multi-Story Home

Uneven cooling and heating is a common problem most homeowners face — especially those who live in two-story or multi-story homes. Due to the physics of air and direct sunlight absorbed by your roof — your upstairs floors are prone to warmer temperatures. A zoned AC system can help ensure more even temperatures by dividing your home into multiple cooling zones — each floor getting its own zone.

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2. Your Home Has Specialized Rooms

Some homes have specialty rooms, like personal gyms and home cinemas. If you have specialty rooms like this, they can be turned into their own AC zones. A zoned AC system can help improve the overall comfort level and experience of these rooms.

3. Your Home Gets Abundant Sunlight

Do you have rooms in your home that get a lot of natural sunlight? While natural sunlight is cheery and helps reduce your usage of artificial light, you’ll likely notice an increase in temperature. This will force your AC to work harder to cool your home  —  resulting in higher energy bills. A zoned AC system can help your AC cool sunlit rooms more efficiently, preventing strain on your system, as well as high energy costs.

Benefits of Zoned AC Systems

You’ll Save on Energy Costs

A zoned AC system helps improve energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs. When you have a zoned AC system, you’re able to efficiently cool upstairs rooms in your home, as well as avoid cooling in unused rooms. This helps reduce strain on your system — increasing its lifespan. Additionally, zoning enables you to use a smaller, less expensive HVAC system.

Your Home Will Feel More Comfortable

Does your family argue over the temperature in your home? With a zoned AC system, bickerings over the thermostat will cease. With a zoned AC system, your family members can choose a temperature that’s comfortable for their bedrooms or for whatever room they’re using at the time.

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