Sustainable HVAC Solutions on the Horizon

The growing push to eliminate the global dependence on traditional energy sources has trickled into the world of heating and cooling solutions. It makes sense considering air conditioning systems require a large amount of energy to cool homes and buildings. Traditional AC units operating during the hottest times of the day place a greater demand on the power grid, which can result in outages. Advancements in research are leading to new types of systems that use alternative, sustainable energy like geothermal.

Here are several new technologies that will open up more sustainable HVAC options.

For instance, this air conditioning system uses solar.

AC systems that run off solar energy do not strain the power grid during peak usage, which helps curtail power outages and reduce gas emissions.

Soon, we will start seeing more solar-powered units for residential application.

Although not for residential use, the Ice Bear uses ice to cool commercial buildings, which cuts back on energy needed to cool the air.

Devices known as absorption chillers use more efficient materials, resulting in lower energy use.

Better energy modeling and overall HVAC system design can also increase overall efficiency.

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