Holiday Check List to Maintain Your Air Conditioner's Health

Even Florida winters can bring about cold spells that often give your air conditioner a rest for the holidays. The time to open the windows and enjoy the chilly weather is here. That’s why it’s important to make sure your AC is running at peak efficiency when warmer weather returns. Here are several steps that are not only prudent maintenance tasks, but can also save the household budget from premature air conditioning failure.

Clean What You Can

Most things that rely on air intake run better when their surroundings are clear and unobstructed. Check your outside unit for sticks, leaves and other debris that needs clearing. Then hose the unit down to restore its luster and wash away pesky particulate matter. It’s also a good idea to dry the freshly cleaned appliance off with a towel when you’re finished, which will offer a final chance to visually inspect the unit for obvious signs of damage.

Top It Off

No one should go thirsty during the holiday season. The same goes for your air conditioner. Now is a great time to test and verify coolant levels and fill accordingly.

Call Colman Heating & Air today to have a qualified service technician finalize your AC inspection and make sure everything is running at peak efficiency. Routine maintenance helps extend your AC system’s lifespan and save you repair expenses down the road. It’s also important during winter months to periodically check and visually inspect the various parts of your AC.


Contact Colman Heating & Air

Once you’ve followed these few simple AC maintenance tasks, pick up the phone and contact our team of friendly and experienced HVAC technicians. By investing in your AC’s upkeep with preventative maintenance calls today, you and your family will save costly repair expenses in the long run. It’s important to test the system’s integrity against small failures that could bloom from less usage over the winter. Our trusted technicians will keep you entirely up-to-date on any new discoveries and findings. Make sure your AC survives the season. Call us today to find out how we can help.


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