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Garage Conversions Ideas for Air Conditioning

August 14, 2016 Colman Heating & Air

If you’re planning on converting your garage into a living space you will definitely need to put an AC in it! Air conditioning is a very important part of your garage conversion, especially in Florida. Check out these AC options for your potential garage conversion.

3 Air Conditioning Options for Garage Apartment:

1. AC Ductwork for Garage Apartment:

If your garage is close to the rest of your home and HVAC system then you could easily add ductwork from your existing system to your garage. This job should definitely be handled by a professional. Luckily, we are the perfect company for the job. To learn more about AC installations, call us now!

2. Mini-Split AC for Garage Conversion:

A ductless split air conditioner doesn’t have the traditional aspects of an HVAC system, but it’s much more energy efficient than ductless window AC units. Ductless split AC’s save a lot of space. They also are made up of an outdoor condenser and a compact indoor unit that is connected by refrigerant pipes. If you choose a ductless split AC you will need to run these pipes through a small hole in an exterior wall.

3. Window AC Units for Garage Apartment:

Window units may be a popular option for your garage conversion. Here are some benefits and disadvantages of using a window unit.

Benefits of Window ACs

Cost: Window units will most likely be your least expensive option.

Flexibility: Window units provide you with flexibility in case you want to move.

Disadvantages of Window ACs

Energy Bills: Window units typically increase your energy bills in the hot summer months.

Natural light: Window units take away a lot of natural light since they block a big chunk of your window!

Garage Apartment Ideas

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