Fan vs. AC: What's More Efficient?

As a modern society, we love the feeling of cool air. Willis Carrier changed all of our lives with the invention of the air conditioning unit. However, even with constant comfort as the new norm, it’s important to know the most cost effective way to stay cool. As we strive to stay cool throughout the entire summer, what’s the most cost effective alternative a fan or an AC unit?

Pros of Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioners typically cost more to run on a daily basis, especially in the summer months. Standard central units are the king of the household appliances. They use the most energy, but also provide the most comfort.

Pros of Using Fans

Fans are beneficial to help circulate air. They help us feel cool as the breeze moves heat away from our bodies. However, they don’t actually cool a room down. While circulating air is good for your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), an air conditioner is the best way to actually lower the temperature of a room.

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