Cinco de Mayo Events in Florida's Space Coast

Are you a big celebrator of Cinco de Mayo? If you’re anything like most Floridians, you probably love any reason to munch on some fresh fish tacos or sip margaritas on the beach. But do you know how the holiday began? Learn more below to discover the story behind May 5th’s Mexican holiday and what celebratory events are going on for Cinco de Mayo along the Space Coast.

The Story of Cinco de Mayo: From War to Victory

As it turns out, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day, although many Americans mistakenly believe this to be true. The history of this day in May goes back to 1862, when the French and Mexicans were at war. On May 5th of that year, a French Fleet attacked a small Mexican town called Puebla de Los Angeles. With the combined help of Mexico’s president Benito Juarez, and General Zaragoza’s army, the town withstood the attack. By the end of the day, the French had lost over 500 soldiers and Mexico had only lost 100 in this battle.

The battle may seem small in the long run, but it was a vital piece of history that helped Mexico obtain a victory over the French six years later. Today Mexicans celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla as Cinco de Mayo (now a national holiday!).

How Will You Celebrate? Come Join the Fun at These Cinco de Mayo Events!

Whether you’re tired of the same Cinco de Mayo event every year or haven’t had the opportunity to look up new events for this year’s holiday, we’ve put together a short list of events along the Space Coast for you to explore.

Cocoa Beach

– Come join the fun on the sand at Azteca 2 in Cocoa Beach. From 5 p.m. until 10 p.m., there will be a live band to listen to while you eat great mexican cuisine and win prizes or giveaways!

– For those looking for a little extra fun, try the 3 lb burrito eating contest at Sandbar Sports Grill in Cocoa Beach! You can even try their Karaoke Contest from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., with a cash prize. As always, they also have the best in drink specials and giveaways as well for the holiday.


– Looking for a street party? Come join El Sombrero Mexican Cuisine in Melbourne! From 4 p.m. until 9.p.m, there will be live music, DJs, drink specials, dancers and special giveaways just for Cinco de Mayo!

– Go “off the track” by going to Off the Traxx in downtown Melbourne for Cinco de Mayo. Who can say no to a bucket of coronas or a bucket of margaritas this holiday? They even have a mechanical bull rider contest with a chance to win $250 in cash and prizes!

– For a day long event, check out Matt’s Casbah in downtown for great Mexican treats, sombreros, and more! This fiesta is great for the whole family and doors open at 11 a.m.

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Our Team at Colman Air

From our family to yours, we hope you have a great (yet safe!) Cinco de Mayo this year! As always, call us for any AC services or products to keep your home comfortable for you and your family, especially on warm holidays like May 5th. Contact us should you need any help or advice on home comfort today.

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