Can I Retrofit a New AC Into an Historic Home?

Air conditioners are essential pieces of equipment for homes in Brevard County where heat and humidity can make life indoors uncomfortable in any season. If you live in one of the beautiful historic homes in the region, however, you may be wondering how you can add an AC system without losing the features that give your property its unique character. These recommendations from the experts at Colman Heating & Air can help you make decisions about installing an energy-efficient air conditioning system that preserves the architectural style of your historic home.

Ductless Cooling Solutions for Historic Homes

While there’s no one-size-fits-all fix when it comes to retrofitting a historic home with a modern cooling system, systems that don’t require the installation of ductwork are often the optimal choice. A mini split air conditioner is a ductless system that is designed to deliver cooling air directly into your home’s living spaces through individual air handlers. A discrete network of thin pipes connects the vent-like air handlers to an outdoor unit where most of the system components are stored. It’s a non-intrusive solution that won’t change the look of your older residence.

Advantages of Mini Split Systems Over Window AC Units

In the past, owners of historic homes had to rely on noisy window air conditioners that blocked views and compromised the home’s security and architectural character. In addition to providing you with better cooling comfort, modern mini split air conditioners offer a number of advantages over window units. Operation is whisper-quiet, and energy-efficient design keeps monthly cooling costs low. Plus, the individual remote controls allow you to adjust temperatures in different parts of your home. 

Central Air Conditioning Installations

Traditional forced-air cooling systems are viable options for historic homes, providing that they’re installed by qualified professionals who understand the importance of preserving the property’s character. A retrofit expert can often find space for ducts behind walls, in the backs of closets and in the attic. While some holes will need to be made to accommodate ducts, vents, and registers, they’re relatively small and unobtrusive.

Looking for Air Conditioning Experts? Contact Colman Heating & Air

Whether or not you have ductwork in your antique dwelling, air conditioning can make your house a more pleasant place to inhabit when the weather in Brevard County turns hot and humid. To review your options, contact the HVAC pros at Colman Heating & Air today.

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