How To Reduce Humidity In Garage

How to Reduce Humidity in Your Garage

For some people, a garage is a purely utilitarian space. It’s a place fit to store junk and park cars, but nothing else. For others, it is a veritable playground — a place to work on the old hot rod,  throw darts,  play pool, or pump iron. Whether you’re spending five minutes or five hours … Continued

Should I Ever Turn Off My AC

Should I Ever Turn My AC Off?

Beating the heat in the Florida summertime is hard work, but so is keeping your energy bill low while staying cool. There are many opinions about when and how often to run your AC, but what’s the best strategy to stay frugal without compromising your comfort? And is it ever okay to turn your AC … Continued

AC On During Thunderstorm

Is It Safe to Leave My AC on During a Thunderstorm?

Stormy, warm weather is just a way of life during Florida summers. This means our air conditioners are constantly running to keep us cool and comfortable. But is it safe to keep an air conditioner running while it’s storming? Answering this question correctly can save you — or cost you — a lot of money during this … Continued

Tips for Keeping Your Energy Bill Low During Quarantine

5 Tips for Keeping Your Energy Bill Low During Quarantine

Due to the recent quarantine, we’re all spending a lot more time in our homes. One unfortunate consequence of being indoors so much is higher energy bills. Our lights are on more, we’re constantly running our AC units, and most of us are opening our refrigerators more often than we would if we were in our … Continued

Why You Should Get Indoor Air Quality Testing

Why You Should Get Indoor Air Quality Testing

As a homeowner, your home is something you take great pride in. After all, it’s a safe place for you and your family to relax, spend time together, and make memories. And while you may think you’ve been doing everything you can to ensure your home is clean and safe, you may have forgotten about … Continued

Poor Indoor Air Quality Signs

Signs Your Home Has Poor Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to understanding the importance of indoor air quality, think of it like this: your AC is your home’s lungs. Whatever air your AC breathes in, impacts the rest of your home and family. While air pollution is commonly thought of as something that happens outside the home, the truth is that inside air has the … Continued

What is a Zoned AC System

What is a Zoned AC System?

A zoned AC system is a heating and cooling system that operates by using dampers in your ductwork. The purpose is to regulate and flow air to specific areas in your home. This type of system allows homeowners to create customized temperature zones throughout their homes to increase AC efficiency and comfort. Is a Zoned … Continued

Signs You Need to Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

4 Signs You Need to Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Being a homeowner comes with a long list of responsibilities. But, when you think about the things you need to do to maintain your home,  your bathroom exhaust fan probably doesn’t come to mind. Because they’re so easily forgotten, they can sometimes break down without you even noticing. And, while you may not realize it, your bathroom … Continued

House is Hotter Upstair Than Downstairs

Why is My House Hotter Upstairs Than Downstairs?

When you’re home, you want to be comfortable. After all, it’s where you seek refuge from the stress and demands of everyday life. Maybe you like to unwind after a long day by relaxing in your upstairs bedroom — but notice the temperature often gets uncomfortable. You might be wondering, why is my house hotter … Continued

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