Best Fall Date Ideas on the Space Coast

Florida’s magnificent region, commonly known as the Space Coast, provides the perfect scenery for romantic, get-away datesday or night. No matter what season of the year you’re planning your special rendezvous, Florida’s countless premier attractions, eateries and beaches give couples a unique opportunity to explore the Space Coast of northeast Florida.

To the Northeast: Old World St. Augustine

Best Fall Date Ideas on the Space Coast

Beginning with the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement within the U.S., this Spanish colonial city was founded in 1565. With its famous old-world antique cobblestone streets, colonial buildings and magnificent gardens, it lies just a few miles north of other Florida premier attractions: the Kennedy Space Center and the Cape Canaveral Launch Center.

Proudly playing host to over 30 major premier attractions, including Old St. Augustine, the old Fort San Marcos and Ponce de Leon’s legendary site for the Fountain of Youth, this is one jewel of a destination you will not want to miss.

Whether tourists decide to walk or take a tram ride, visitors find a good selection of various modes of transportation availablefrom a horse-drawn buggy to motorized trolley cars.

To the Southeast: The Space Coast in Brevard County

Best Fall Date Ideas on the Space Coast

No doubt named after the Kennedy Space Center, this area presents excellent shopping opportunities for a romantic day or night on the town. Easily within driving distance from the Space Center are cities such as Titusville and Cocoa Beach. They lie just to its southeast and make up what is commonly known as the Space Coast.

Expansive malls, fine dining, outdoor cafes and quaint old city streets add to the popular appeal of these areas. Naturally, an air-conditioned bus tour within the Kennedy Space Center is the perfect way to end a very special day.

Further Southeast: The City of Melbourne

Best Fall Date Ideas on the Space Coast

Melbourne’s distinguished and fun-filled zoo, the Brevard Zoo, hosts over 500 animals and features a number of highly-rated attractions as well. With its pristine and less-traveled beaches, Melbourne also offers superb pier-front shopping experiences known all over Florida.

If you’re a museum lover, then Melbourne is the place for you. Check out these two well-known museums open daily for your enjoyment: the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum and Rossetter House Museum.
Check out this map to see where on the Space Coast these great date ideas are located:
The Best Fall Date Ideas On the Space Coast

Be Prepared Now for All Kinds of Weather

Best Fall Date Ideas on the Space Coast

These cities and popular attractions are located in humid, sub-tropical climates. So while you’re out enjoying your date, keep your home nice and cool until you return. Schedule an appointment with a professional, certified HVAC contractor such as Colman Heating & Air.

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