Benefits of UV Lights in HVAC Systems

When most people hear about UV lights, it’s within the context of the sun’s harmful rays and of the importance of wearing sunscreen. However, within the context of air conditioners, it turns out that UV lights bring a long list of benefits.

5 Benefits of UV Lights in HVAC Systems

  1. Better air quality. Ultraviolet light is an excellent way to kill bacteria. This is why this element is included in traditional air purifiers. It disinfects the air you breathe by eliminating some allergens as well as common viruses. Healthcare facilities have been using UV light for years, and now you can benefit from a better air quality right at home.
  2. Improved airflow. Since UV light destroys germs and other contaminants in your air ducts, air flows unobstructed. Not only is this good for energy efficiency, it also means that your ducts will require less maintenance
  3. Improved energy efficiency. Whenever there’s anything that’s blocking air flow, your air conditioner has to work harder. This places additional stress on your system and increases energy costs. In fact, UV lights can slash your energy consumption by up to 25%.
  4. Eliminates odors. There are a lot of air pollutants that smell bad, such as chemicals from cleaning supplies, mold growth, tobacco smoke, fungi, dead insects, dust and more. Not only do UV lights get rid of the germs that come along with these pollutants, they eliminate any lingering unpleasant smells as well.
  5. Reduces the risk of mold. When installed near the air conditioner’s coils, UV lights will prevent mold growth as air passes through. This is significant for Floridians, since living in such a humid environment often causes coils to become exposed to moisture.

It’s important to note, though, that despite all of these added benefits, you still have to change your air filters regularly. Ultraviolet rays can do wonders to eliminate certain allergens, such as mildew and bacteria, but they won’t have an effect on dust, pollen, or pet dander.

UV lights also do require routine maintenance, which can be provided by an HVAC professional as part of routine preventive tune-ups you should be scheduling twice a year anyway.

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