How to Remove Dust From Air Inside Your Home

For homeowners in Florida, dust can be a real annoyance. Not only does it make the indoor environment of a home miserable for people who suffer from allergies and asthma, but it also makes homes look dirty as dust accumulates on furniture, shelves, and other decor. While there’s no perfect way to get rid of all the dust in a home forever, there are maintenance steps homeowners can take regularly to reduce dust by using their HVAC systems and other methods. Take a look at some of the key ways below.

7 Ways to Remove Dust From the Air in Your House

1. Keep Your AC Filter Clean to Remove Dust

The air filter in an HVAC system has to be changed every few months because it’s the first line of defense against dust and other airborne allergens. As a filter becomes dirty, its ability to filter dust out of the air is reduced. It also forces the HVAC system to work twice as hard to circulate air throughout the house, which can increase the energy usage of the home.

2. Buy Air Filters With High MERV Ratings to Reduce Dust

Some homeowners believe that spending an extra few dollars on an air filter isn’t necessary. They buy the cheapest one that they can find and change it more often. However, cheap air filters do a poor job of removing dust from the air. When buying an air filter, consumers should check out the MERV rating. Higher ratings mean that more dust particles are removed from the air inside the home. While a whole house air cleaner is the best way for homeowners to remove dust from indoor air, a high-efficiency air filter is a good starting place.

3. Change Your Bed Sheets Weekly

It may not be exciting to hear this, but dust mites love to latch onto sheets, pillows, and mattresses. One great deterrent for bedding dust is to wrap your mattress in an allergen-proof cover to prevent dust from seeping into the mattress itself. Combine this step with washing your bed sheets every week and you’ll be able to limit how much dust and bed bugs will linger around.

4. Replace Carpeting with Wood or Tile

We all love how carpets feel under our feet, but they are also hard to maintain and a great place for dust mites to live. Even with daily vacuuming, many people with severe allergies to dust may still have issues since dust and other particles are nearly impossible to remove from thick carpets. If you aren’t wanting to get rid of them altogether, consider updating your carpets if they’ve been around for more than a decade or have a professional deep clean the carpets in your home regularly.

5. Run the Fan During Cleaning

Nearly all HVAC systems have a fan mode. Despite this, many homeowners don’t use it or don’t know the appropriate time to use it. One of the best times to use the fan setting is while cleaning because this is when dust is kicked up into the air. Unless the HVAC system is running, the dust simply settles back down onto the floor. Running the fan for around 15 minutes makes sure that the HVAC system stays on without running the air conditioner the whole time.

6. Use Appropriate Cleaning Supplies for Dusty Furniture

Think those feather dusters and dry rags will do the trick? Think again! Most of these products just move dust around in your home, rather than completely removing it. Opt for wet or damp rags and other products like a Swiffer or Grab-it that can hold dust better than dry products.

7. Pay Attention to the Hidden Indoor Spaces

Using these HVAC system tips are a great way for homeowners to reduce and get rid of dust floating in the air. Homeowners should also pay attention to other problem areas of the home. For example, the attic is often the biggest source of dust in any house. If there are air leaks coming into the living space from the attic, the amount of dust in the home is sure to be significantly higher. Closets are also a place where most homeowners forget to clean regularly and can act as a fan of dust every time you open the door. Be sure to clean those closet hangers and shelves often.

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