Why Is My Programmable Thermostat Blank?

Coming home to a blank thermostat is even more vexing than reading that Kylie Jenner is a self-made millionaire. But before you blow a figurative fuse thinking this is going to be an expensive fix, know that there may be a simple solution to this issue.

The list below is broken down in two sections: Things you can do on your own, and things for which you’ll need professional assistance.

7 Reasons Your Thermostat Display is Blank

1. It’s Turned Off

While this reason may make you want to roll your eyes, it happens. Sometimes a family member will turn it off due to thermostat wars and no one notices until it’s suddenly hot. Check that switch before stressing out.

2. It Needs New Batteries

Not all thermostats have batteries. So first check with your user manual. If it does require batteries, it’s as simple as taking off the cover and replacing them.

3. Dusty Wires

While the thermostat cap is off to change the batteries, take a moment to clean the small wires with a can of compressed air.

4. Tripped Circuit Breaker

This could be the issue if there was a power surge in your home. When you open the circuit breaker panel, you’ll see that each switch has three settings: “On”, “Off”, and a middle neutral setting. When a breaker trips, the switch stays in the middle. Set it to “Off,” before setting it back to “On”.

5. Blown Fuse

You’ll need a multimeter for this one. Walk outside your home, toward your AC condenser unit. Somewhere close, on the exterior wall of your home, you’ll find the fuse box. Attach the fuse (one at time) to the multimeter, to see if they have any voltage. If either one doesn’t, you can purchase a new one online or at any hardware store.

If you’ve checked all of the issues above and your thermostat screen is still blank, you should call a technician for help. The likely culprits may be:

6. Mismatched Parts

If you’ve recently replaced any portion of your AC system (indoor unit, furnace, condenser unit, thermostat), it’s possible that the new parts are not compatible with the rest of the system. Check for compatibility information in the user manual, or you can call an HVAC professional to take a look.

7. Wiring Issues

Unless you’re an electrician, please do not even try to handle this on your own.

AC Service Repair in Brevard County

At Colman, we understand that sometimes, AC issues happen during the most inconvenient times. This is why we have a 24/7 AC emergency line. Call us if you need assistance ASAP or to schedule routine HVAC maintenance to prevent issues during the summer.

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