Why Is My Air Filter Wet?

If you find that your air filter is wet, the cause needs to be determined quickly. The job of an air filter is to remove impurities from the air. When the filter is wet, the system does not function efficiently and reduces your indoor air quality.

What Causes a Wet AC Filter?

Water forms in the air conditioner when warm, humid air hits the cold evaporator coil, which is cooled with refrigerant inside of it. The condensation that is formed drips down into a pan that then leads the water to a drainpipe. If the drain becomes clogged, the water that is formed will eventually cause the filter to become wet.

What Can Happen If a Wet AC Filter Is Not Fixed?

A wet air filter increases the chance for mold to form leading to a significant decrease in indoor air quality. If mold does form, it can greatly affect airflow, utility bills as well as spread mold particles around the house. This poses many health risks that can be easily avoided with preventive measures.

How to Prevent a Wet AC Filter

The easiest way to prevent a wet air filter is to stay up to date on basic maintenance. Change your air filters once a month, and if a wet filter is found, try and find the clog in the drain. If the clog is not obvious, call a professional as soon as possible.

If You Find a Wet Air Filter, Call Colman Air for AC Service

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