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Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Like Mildew?

August 25, 2015 Colman Heating & Air

Why Your Air Conditioner Smells Like Mildew

Florida summers can be brutal, and the last thing you need is to turn on your AC and smell mildew. This probably leaves you questioning the source of the odor, and if it will affect your health. If the air smells moldy or musty, then you have a possible mildew issue. Some mildew problems are easily repaired, while other mold issues may require professional help. Mold and mildew can lead to many health issues, so it is wise to find the cause of the smell as soon as you can. To remove the moldy, musty smell, you need to find the source of the problem and eliminate it. Below are a few things that could be causing a musty scent:

Old Water in the Drip Pan / Clogged Condensate Line

The musty smell could be mold or mildew coming from inside your AC unit. First, check to see if the drip pan has stagnant water in it. If it does, you may have a clogged condensate line. If the drip pan, which collects the condensation, is not draining well, then unblocking the clog is the solution. Make sure to also wash the pan with bleach and dry it completely.

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If the condensate drain line is the issue, then replacing the line should stop further problems and get rid of the smell. It is important to get rid of all possible mold, so also clean the evaporator coils. Using bleach and water, soak the coils for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also use a fan to dry out any parts and remove remaining moisture left in the AC unit.

Odor Coming From Air Conditioning Vents

Your vents and ducts can also cause a moldy smell. Increased humidity levels in your home can make mold grow quickly. It is important to have a professional come to your home and inspect your vents. If there is a mold problem, your vents can be professionally cleaned and the mold eliminated.

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