What You Need to Know About AC Maintenance This Winter

It’s not uncommon for people to forget about their air conditioning systems during winter. After all, the AC isn’t needed when you’re trying not to freeze. However, it’s important to upkeep your system even during cooler months so it’s in tip-top working condition for spring. Here are a few helpful tips that will go a long way in maintaining your AC this winter.

1. Keep it dry.

Air conditioning systems may get wet from time to time, but it’s in your best interest to keep the unit dry. Moisture within the system is the perfect opportunity for ice to form, which can cause a huge amount of damage as ice expands within the machinery.

2. Keep it off.

During the winter, make sure the air conditioning system is turned off. Not only does this ensure it won’t run accidentally, but it also protects the system from activating and being damaged due to external debris and other dangers.

3. Cover it.

Purchasing a cover for your air conditioning system is a small investment that can help ensure the proper operation of the machinery. Some people even invest in a small shelter for their AC unit, but a waterproof cover is usually more than enough to keep it safe. Make sure the cover isn’t pulled too taut; a bit of breathing room can prevent moisture from building up and condensing within the machine.

4. Keep an eye on it.

When you’re up and about your home, remember to periodically check on your air conditioning system. If you notice ice build up, clean it off. Make sure no debris has gotten inside the system, and keep the cover clear of any snow or water. Small maintenance tasks throughout the winter can help prevent a huge repair job when warmer weather arrives.

5. Clean it out.

When chilly weather subsides and the time comes to activate your air conditioning system, make sure to clean it out thoroughly. When the weather has warmed enough, use a high-pressure nozzle attached to a hosepipe to spray out any dirt and grime that has built up inside the AC. Give it a bit of time to air-dry and then check for any obvious signs of damage. This is a great time to call for a professional inspection and make certain everything is in working order before activating your system for the season.

By performing small upkeep tasks and educating yourself on the importance of proper air conditioning maintenance, you can ensure your system has a long life and as few repairs as possible. Call us or make an appointment online for a maintenance check up.


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