What Type of Air Filter Should I Buy?

Selecting and installing the right air filter can be an essential concern for Titusville property owners seeking to optimize the efficiency of their HVAC system and maintain higher levels of interior air quality. While even the most basic filter may be effective at keeping some of the airborne dirt, dust and other particulate from circulating through your vents and equipment, occupants who have respiratory ailments and environments where higher levels of particulate are found, might require a more advanced option.

About MERV Ratings

Air filters have what is known as a minimum efficacy reporting value (MERV) rating which is used to determine their effectiveness. Understanding your options and selecting a filter better suited to your need can be easier when you have the help and guidance of a professional.

High-Performance Air Filters

Air filters with higher MERV ratings are able to eliminate smaller debris that would otherwise have a negative impact on system performance or air quality. Poor quality filters may reduce air circulation or may simply be unable to remove the higher quantities of particles and airborne dust that may be needed in order to make a noticeable difference. High MERV rated filters are able to contain a greater range of particulate and substances.

HEPA Filtration

Allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments can all be agitated in environments that have poor air quality. For those who are serious about the air they breathe, more sophisticated filtration systems and equipment options may be required in order to ensure optimum results. Discussing your options with an industry professional who has the understanding and training needed to better assist you in selecting the best options would be to your advantage.

Frequent Filter Replacements May Point to an Equipment Issue

Having to replace filters that become clogged too quickly may indicate a problem with your equipment. Calling the professionals at the first sign of a problem can ensure technical issues are able to be addressed before they have the chance to grow into larger and more costly issues.

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