When Should I Turn on My Heater in Florida?

Florida’s residential heating needs are fractional in comparison to the heating cost index for the nation as a whole. In fact, the heating index for Brevard County is approximately one-third of the state’s index. Although you might not use your heater very much during the winter, it is crucial to have it ready before you need to use it. The timing of the first use can vary based on your own comfort needs, but you should not operate the heating system without conducting some important maintenance steps.

3 Things to Do Before Using Your Heater in Florida

1. Wait for Temperatures to Drop to Uncomfortable Levels

Your thermostat will allow you to monitor indoor conditions. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests a winter setpoint of 68 degrees. The setting should be reduced between 10 and 15 degrees during the day and at night as activities in the home decrease. The 68-degree setpoint is suitable for evening activities prior to bedtime. When local climate changes cause the temperature in your home to drop below this setpoint, it is time to turn on your heater. 

2. Replace Your AC Filter

If an air filter from the summer cooling season is still in place, it is important to make a replacement before operating the heater. A dirty air filter can restrict airflow, which can cause stress on various parts of an HVAC system. With a heat pump, this could harm the compressor. With a furnace, overheating may occur. In either case, a clogged air filter is a common problem that is identified during winter heating repairs. Do not turn your system on without making this important replacement.

3. Schedule Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Heating maintenance should occur prior to the operation of your system. A gas heating system could cause carbon monoxide problems if the venting system is dirty or blocked. Dirty heat exchangers could result in poor heating and higher energy bills. A thorough inspection is critical for verifying that your system is in safe operating condition. Schedule your service far enough in advance to allow time for any part replacements or other repairs to be completed before cool weather arrives.

Contact Colman Heating & Air Today for HVAC Maintenance

Even Floridians rely on heaters to stay comfortable when the occasional cold front passes through. At Colman Air, our technicians provide excellent maintenance service to get your heater ready for all of your winter comfort needs. We can also help you explore the latest options in wireless and programmable thermostats for effortlessly managing setting changes throughout the year. Call our office to learn more or to set up an appointment right away.


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