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Uncovering Pool Heater Myths

September 23, 2015 Colman Heating & Air

Floridians can enjoy nice weather, and their pools, practically year-round. With cooler temperatures around the corner, more homeowners will have to turn on the pool heater before they take a dip. Many do not own a pool heater or even know if they should install one. Here are several myths surrounding pool heaters:

Myth: “I do not need a pool heater because I will swim in an unheated pool.”

While people most often use their pools during the summer, an unheated pool will receive far less use than a heated one. In fact, once pool owners install a heater, they rarely regret it.

Experience with customers has shown that a pool without heating will simply go unused, which wastes energy and resources.

Myth: “Pool heaters only add to my pool expenses.”

To get the most out of their pools, homeowners should swim in them as often as possible, otherwise the added expense turns into an inconvenience instead of a benefit. A pool heater actually adds to the cost effectiveness of owning a pool. For instance, if a pool owner can only use the pool select months out of the year, the cost per swim will decrease if they can use the pool year-round.

Myth: “The larger the heater, the better.”

Similar to the “bigger is better” AC myth, larger pool heaters do not equal better heat coverage. In fact, an oversized heater might heat the water too quickly, resulting in expansion problems. The size of the heater should reflect the needs of the homeowner and the size of the pool. Let an expert assess the pool and budgetary requirements to provide the best options.

Myth: “Solar pool heaters are too expensive.”

Solar pool heaters can cost nearly the same as electric heat pump and gas heaters, and solar is getting more affordable every day. Also, the long term benefits can outweigh those of more traditional heaters. For instance, solar panels typically do not cost any extra to operate, unlike gas heaters that require regular fuel and electricity. Solar panels can also last longer, so pool owners will not have to spend money on frequent maintenance and replacements.

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