Three DIY Cleaning Products to Use At Home

Cleaning Products You Can Find In Your Cabinet

Today many households use excellent “do-it-yourself” cleaning products. Employing these solutions won’t require the storage of toxic materials in the home.

Excellent DIY cleaning techniques rely on three readily available products: baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. Read more to see how these ingredients can clean your whole house.

Baking Soda

Two useful DIY techniques involving baking soda to keep kitchen surfaces fresh:

Enjoy a sweet smelling refrigerator by placing an open baking soda container in the refrigerator to absorb lingering food odors.

Remove burned material from metal pans by scrubbing cookware with baking soda to remove burned material. If you lightly dust the metal surface with baking soda you can remove the caked on material even faster. After rinsing the cookware under water, you’ll have brand new kitchen cookware.


Vinegar helps fight some major stains. For instance, some experts recommend combining equal parts vinegar and water and using this mixture to clean out the coffee maker once a month. Brew the water and vinegar solution to clean your coffee maker faster and efficiently.

Checking with the unit’s manufacturer first to make sure this DIY solution won’t damage the coffee machine remains a wise precaution. Today many coffee machines use sophisticated mechanisms. If brewing with vinegar might damage your unit, simply combine vinegar with an equal measure of hot water and allow this combination to soak in the coffee pot for half an hour before tossing out the solution and rinsing.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works well as a cleaning agent on many surfaces. You may want to use these two strategies for quick household makeovers:

Dust wood surfaces by adding a few drops of lemon juice to a clean rag or microfiber cloth. This works well for lightly polishing wood surfaces, such as tables, chairs, and counters.

Remove soapy accumulations and ugly buildups of soapy debris by scrubbing with lemon juice. Rinse immediately afterwards with water.

Maintaining Air Quality With Colman Air

These DIY techniques help create more hygienic home environments without the use of harsh cleaning agents. Asking a professional to sanitize air ducts periodically helps maintain air quality in the home throughout the year. Call Colman Air at (321) 269-4565 to schedule regular HVAC maintenance in Brevard County.

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