Signs Your AC is Too Small for Your Home

Do you not feel as comfortable in your home or building as you’d like?

Is it always hotter than you’d like it to be, even with your air conditioner running?

Have you changed the AC filter, the system works fine, but it’s still not getting the job done?

At Colman Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that’s the opposite of how you want to feel in your home. Your home needs to feel comfortable. Especially in Florida.

If you’re experiencing this, your AC may be too small for your house.

3 Signs of an Undersized AC Unit

Here are three signs that might be the case and what to do about it.

1. High Electric Bill

AC use is a big contributor to the amount due on your energy bill each month, especially during the summer months.

An AC unit that’s too small will have to work even harder to reach the desired temperature, and in the process use more energy.

If your energy bill is higher than expected each month, it’s possible your air conditioner is too small for the space it’s cooling.

At Colman, we’re always interested in helping people save more on their energy bills. Here are some additional ways you could lower your energy bill.

2. Your AC is Always Running

Picture this, your place is warm, too warm. The thermostat says the room is 78 degrees, but you set the temperature to 73 degrees.

An hour later you realize your AC is still running and the thermostat says it’s only 75 degrees.

What’s going on?

That’s your AC struggling to cool your space and using a lot of energy in the process. It means your air conditioning unit may be too small.

3. Your AC Isn’t Cooling the Room

Does this sound familiar?

Your AC has been running for a while. You can hear it going. But you’re not feeling anything, the room is still hot.

What’s going on here?

Assuming your filters are clean and your system isn’t malfunctioning, it’s likely that your AC is so small it’s physically incapable of cooling your space.

Contact Colman Heating & Air for a Free AC Installation Estimate

If your AC is undersized, you’ll most likely need to have it replaced with a new unit better suited for your home or building.

Contact us at Colman Heating & Air Conditioning today for a free estimate on a new AC system. Call (321) 269-4565 today.

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