Show Your HVAC System Some Love This Month

Winter months may make you eagerly await the return of warm summer weather. While the winters in Florida are relatively mild in comparison to other areas of the country, you could still find yourself turning on the heating system to stay warm while indoors. Over the course of cooler months, your heater may have endured a considerable amount of wear-and-tear. Here are a few reasons that now is the right time to show your heater some love.

What Happens to Your Heating System Over the Winter

Your heater may turn on and off several times a dayor moreon a chilly winter day. In temperate climates like Florida where residents enjoy a milder winter, you may have to alternate between running your heating and cooling systems. Both of these can be hard on your system, and you may find that the components are worn, your filters are dirty and fluids are low. Altogether, your HVAC system may not be operating as efficiently or ideally as you would like it to.

How Maintenance Service Helps

Regular maintenance service is one of the best ways to keep your home’s heating and cooling system functioning well in the months to come. Professional HVAC maintenance service will eliminate any signs of wear-and-tear that may have occurred during the winter season. Maintenance service will clean away dirt and debris on the components and filters, and will help identify any parts that need to be replaced for maximum efficiency of the unit.

When to Schedule Service With Colman Heating & Air

Service for heating and cooling systems is generally recommended every year, and the best time to set up service is at the beginning of the season. However, if you have not had your system serviced in recent years, you may find that now is a great time to call to schedule service. Colman Heating & Air is available to respond to your service request soon so that you can enjoy all the benefits of maintenance with peak energy efficiency and minimum downtime.

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