Should I Turn off My AC When I Leave for Work?

When you’re hit with an insanely expensive electric bill, you might feel like trying drastic measures, such as only taking cold showers or turning your AC off when you leave for work during the day. However, turning the AC off entirely, even when you’re home is unoccupied, actually puts more strain on your entire system.

Instead of turning it off when you leave, keep it at a few degrees higher than your ideal temperature. This gives your system a break, allows it to easily adjust to the desired temperature when you return, and won’t break the bank. Keep reading to learn more about other steps to can take to save money, and keep your AC operating effectively.

Keep Your Hands Off The Thermostat

Typically, we walk in hot and sweaty from the outdoors and immediately turn the thermostat way down. This not a good habit for several reasons. It forces your system to go into overdrive to achieve that low temperature, putting unnecessary strain on all the components. Consequently, this opens the door for other issues and will ultimately shorten the lifetime of your unit. Pick a realistic temperature, set your thermostat and leave it alone.

Keep the Cooling Temperature Set Above 78

While you might feel like you are sacrificing temporary comfort for AC longevity, you really aren’t giving up anything. Our bodies are actually quite comfortable in the 78 to 80 degree range, whether we agree or not. Instead of reaching for the thermostat, turn on a ceiling fan or invest in a portable fan you can move from room-to-room. This will adequately cool your skin without killing your AC.

Keep the AC Fan on Auto Position

Most AC thermostats are equipped with an “on” and “auto” function. Again, you might be tempted to switch the fan to “on” for a quick cool down. Unfortunately, this also puts unneeded wear and tear on your cooling system. Plus, continuously running your AC with the “on” function could significantly increase your monthly energy bill.

Replace Your Air Filter

The best way to make increase the lifetime of your AC system, and its efficiency, is to replace the air filter. On average, you should replace your air filter once a month and more or less frequently depending on how often you run your cooling system.

Schedule Regular Maintenance with Colman Heating & Air

Operational issues can result in extremely high electric bills. The best prevention is with regular maintenance and checkups to catch any possible issues before they wreck havoc on your cooling system. The professionals at Colman Heating & Air will quickly assess your system and make any necessary repairs so you stay cool all year. Schedule your appointment today! Just give Colman Heating & Air a call or make your appointment online.

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