Should I Change My Air Filter After Hosting a Smoking Guest?

Whether you enjoy having houseguests, or you occasionally rent out a room through a site like Airbnb, you might have to deal with the occasional issues of hosting a smoker. Even if that distant relative claims they don’t smoke, if they’re sneaking cigarettes in the bathroom and running the fan, you’re still going to have to deal with the odor. Unfortunately, like any other air pollutant, your air filter for your cooling system will filter out smoke from cigarettes, cigars and even a burnt casserole.

While a quick spray of air freshener can provide a temporary fix, you might wonder if you have to take more drastic measures, like changing out the air filter. In short, changing your air filter won’t hurt. However, when it comes eliminating odors from cigarette smoke, it won’t make a big difference. Most likely, you will have to deep clean furniture and appliances to truly rid your home of that ashtray smell, but whether you should change your air filter after having a smoker stay at your home depends on a few factors. Here are a few cases where you should consider changing the air filter after hosting a smoker:

You’re Already Due For a New Air Filter

If it has been one to two months since you last switched out your air filter for a fresh one, you should definitely take the opportunity to change it out after hosting a smoker. Although you might not notice a huge difference in smell, you need to change the air filter anyways to keep your system performing optimally.

Smoker Stayed for an Extended Period of Time

Say your house guest only stayed for one or two nights. Unless it’s time to swap out your air filter for a clean one, you’re better off waiting and simply focusing on cleaning and deodorizing the walls and furniture. If you hosted guests who stayed for a month or longer, it’s a good idea to replace your old air filter with a clean one as the chemical buildup from the cigarette smoke or it could really hurt your system in the long term.

You Hosted a Someone Who Smoked Indoors

It might seem obvious, but if smoke doesn’t have the chance to pass through your air filters, it won’t affect them. So, if your old college friend wants to light up a cigarette, try to get them to take it outside. Still, you might have a guest who insists on smoking inside, in which case it can’t hurt to change out your air filters after they leave. If you constantly have smokers stay over, you might want to consider investing in a different type of air filter that works best for trapping the types of contaminants produced by cigarette smoke.

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