Seven AC Tips for Winters Down South

Floridians have a different holiday experience than the rest of the country. Instead of shoveling snow off cars, they shovel sand away to look for shells. While those in the north bundle up with boots and wool socks, Floridians keep rocking the flip flops. Nursing a mug of hot cocoa? Try nursing a fruity, frozen drink under the shade of a palm tree. However, Florida’s year-round sunny weather can come at a cost: malfunctioning air conditioners. Unfortunately, Florida AC systems have their work cut out for them, no matter if it’s the middle of July or December. This leads to more wear-and-tear on the system, which means components will inevitably break. No matter the season, don’t sweat a broken AC. There are a few ways to stay comfortable and have a jolly holiday.

Florida Winters and Your Air Conditioner

1. Don’t forget to change the air filter, even if you feel that you are not running the air conditioner as often.

2. Take advantage of cooler temperatures whenever you can. Open windows and give your AC a needed break by turning it off.

3. During unseasonably hot days, keep blinds and curtains closed and have a holiday-themed movie marathon. This will help you forget all about the rising mercury, prevent sunlight from creating a greenhouse effect and get everyone into the holiday spirit.

4. Ceiling fans are your best friends. Turn off the AC and run these instead. Even better, they can rotate direction to spread heat and accommodate for cooler temperatures, too.

5. Get outside as much as possible and dress in layers if temperatures are going to fluctuate. Just remember to seek out shady spots to avoid excess sun exposure.

6. Speaking of the outdoors, never let a slight chill in the air prevent you from enjoying a dip in the pool. Having a pool heater means you can enjoy your aquatic paradise all year-round.

7. While many are familiar with Florida’s summer rainstorms, not many know about the drippy winter cold fronts, which can extend for weeks and significantly affect humidity levels. Have your HVAC unit inspected to ensure it’s working to effectively remove humidity from the air.

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