7 Reasons Your AC is Loud

Imagine this: You come home after a long day at work. You’re tired. You’re hungry. You don’t want anyone to talk to you or bother you with mundane stuff. You just want to have a beer (or a glass of wine) and zone out in front of the TV.

You walk through the door, change into your oversized Chewbacca shirt and go to the thermostat to set your AC to your desired setting… and it comes on as loud as if someone had turned on a leaf blower next to your face.

Take a deep breath. Has getting angry ever made you any friends? Didn’t think so.
You have several options to make the best of your situation:

1. You could try to do some troubleshooting yourself. Often, you can resolve the issue with simple tweaks.

2. You could turn off the AC and wait until tomorrow morning so you can call a repair service during business hours.

3. You can thank your lucky stars that we offer 24 hour emergency service.

7 Common Reasons for a Loud Air Conditioner

If you decide to troubleshoot, make sure to turn off your breakers first. Something that’s worse than being angry is being dead.

Once you’ve turned off the power source to your unit, check the following possible culprits:

1. Dirty air filters. When was the last time you changed them? If it’s been a while, they may be caked with debris. This detritus may then obstruct the fan blades, which could make your AC noisy.

2. Loose fan blades. It’s possible for them to become loose. You can tighten them with a screwdriver. While you’re at it, check to see if any of them are bent, since this could also be a reason for noise.

3. Bent coils. Accumulated dust can cause coils to get bent out of their original shape. You can get them back to their original form by using a condenser fan comb.

4. A faulty thermostat. If what you hear is a clicking sound, there may be electrical issues with your thermostat and you’ll need to get it replaced.

5. Motor needs lubricant. If the sound is more of a grinding noise, your AC may need lubrication. Now we’re getting into more complicated territory. You could call us to do this for you, or you could go outside, walk to your condenser unit, and follow these directions to try to do it yourself.

6. AC duct issues. Just as with changing your air filters, you should have regular maintenance done on your AC system. If they’re dirty, need additional insulation, or have a leak, you’re going to hear it. You’ll want to call HVAC professionals to do this for you.

7. Refrigerant leak: If in addition to being loud, your AC is not cooling, this may be the issue. But even if you’re a stellar handyman (or handywoman!) there are certain things you need to leave to the experts. Refrigerant leaks are a serious issue that could result in poisoning. So if you think this is what’s going on, get professional help, and do so as soon as possible.

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