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Mini Split AC Units

Mini Split Air Conditioner

Traditional air conditioners are pretty straightforward. You have one condenser unit, one thermostat and one temperature for the entire house. While this is great for some homes, some homeowners appreciate a more personalized approach to comfort. This is where the mini split system comes in.

A mini split system brings customized comfort to each room of your house. These ultra quiet units divide up your home into sections or “zones.” Each zone has its own indoor unit, outdoor condenser unit and remote control. These energy efficient systems allow each zone to be a different temperature.

MiniSplit ACHow Do Mini Split Air Conditioners Work?

There are three parts to a mini split system. An outdoors compressor unit, an indoor, wall mounted air handler and a remote controlled thermostat. Rather than using large, cumbersome vents to transfer air, the mini split works by connecting the air handler with the condenser unit using a series of small pipe work. It then uses refrigerant to transfer heat energy and cool or heat your home. This allows the system to both heat and cool your home. The remote control thermostat allows you to quickly and easily controls your room’s temperature.

Why Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems?

Many homeowners prefer the mini split system for controlling their home’s comfort. But what makes them better than traditional methods, and why should you get one? Well, there are several advantages to installing these systems in your home:

1. Budget Friendly: Installing a traditional system can be very costly. Especially in older homes where major construction may be needed to make room for vents. In comparison, mini splits are very affordable for homeowners.

2. Easy to Install: It can take weeks of renovation to install vents if your home doesn’t already have them. However, mini splits can be up and running in less than a day.

3. Energy Efficient: Traditional air conditioners’ seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating start at 13 and only goes to around 22. In comparison, mini splits SEER rating start at 13 and go as high as 26.

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