What Happens if you Oversize an Air Conditioner?

For cooling, size matters. Many people operate under the assumption that an air conditioner cannot possibly be too big for their home or office. They are assuming that the more cooling power they have at their disposal, the better. However, this thinking is misguided, and there are many reasons why having an air conditioner that is too large for the space being cooled is a bad idea.

Problems Caused By an Oversized Air Conditioner

1. Your Home Remains Humid

Air conditioners do more than cool the space in which they operate. The unit is responsible for removing moisture from the air as well.

To complete this task, the air conditioner has to do plenty of work. Essentially, the water vapor in the air must be allowed to condense on the unit’s coil. Once the condensation accumulates to a certain point, it begins to move to the drip pan below the coil. When enough water accumulates, it is drained to areas outside of the home.

The unit must run for a considerable amount of time in order for this process to occur. Units that are too large will shut off before the water has a chance to exit the home, allowing the condensed moisture to evaporate and circulate back into the air entering the home. Typically, little to no moisture is removed from the air when your unit is too large.

2. Oversized AC Units Have Shorter Life Spans

The lifespan of an AC unit is primarily dependent on how many times it kicks on and off when it is in use. The more this action occurs, the greater the amount of wear and tear on the unit.

Larger units meet thermostat settings for small spaces much more quickly than units of a smaller size, resulting in excessive on and off operations. Oversized units will need to be replaced more often on top of costing more over time in repairs.

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How to Tell If You Have An Oversized AC Unit

While only experts can give you an exact determination for the proper cooling load for your unit, there is a simple way to get a general idea regarding the kind of unit you have at the moment.

While your air conditioner is in good shape and during ideal (design) conditions, your unit should operate for a little over half an hour before shutting off if it is properly sized.

Units that are too large tend to only run for 10 to 15 minutes before shutting off.

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