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Is My AC Frozen?

December 27, 2016 Colman Heating & Air

Air conditioners freeze when they’re overused. When refrigerant temperatures inside your air conditioner fall below 32 degrees then the humidity on the evaporator coils freezes. These coils become covered in ice which means the air conditioner can’t cool your home efficiently.

How Can I Check if My AC Coils are Frozen Inside?

Obviously your first indication that your AC may be frozen is if it isn’t cooling or reaching the thermostat setting. You can perform routine checks and maintenance to ensure this doesn’t happen. You can feel the air coming out of the supply registers. If the air feels warm then it’s possible that your evaporator coils may be iced over. If you want to check if it’s frozen yourself, you can unscrew the access panel the evaporator coil. Your manufacturer’s system can tell you exactly where the evaporator location is. Typically, the access panel is typically located near the furnace system inside your home. Once you open up the evaporator you will be able to see if the coils are encased in ice.

How to Fix a Frozen AC Unit?

If you’ve found that your air conditioner is actually frozen, then you should turn it off so you won’t cause damage and your AC won’t burn out. Turning if off immediately will allow you to start thawing the coils. You can turn on the blower to help the thawing process. Be aware this can take up to 24 hours. We advise not cleaning the ice by hand as this can damage the unit. Once everything has thawed, remove any water around the system. You can then return power to your unit and test if the system works. You’ll be able to feel if your AC is cooling within a few minutes. If your home is not reaching the desired temperature then you will need to call your trusted HVAC technician to take a look at your unit.

6 Ways to Prevent Your AC Unit From Freezing

1. It’s important to keep your evaporator coils clean because this can restrict airflow.

2. Change your air filters regularly. It’s recommended to change them every one to three months.

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3. Keep air supply registers and vents open to ensure proper airflow and circulation.

4. Ask your HVAC technician to show you where your refrigerant lines are located so you can check routinely check them yourself.

5. Keep trees and shrubs around your unit trimmed and away from your unit.

6. Get your AC serviced at least once a year.

For a more in depth look at how you can fix your frozen AC, watch this video from This Old House:

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