Installing Central Air in an Older Home

Older homes have many charms: They are reminiscent of a different era when craftsmanship was more appreciated. They tend to have an alluring architecture and perhaps a wrap-around porch, or beautiful columns. Maybe you just inherited an older home or purchased one built in the 1960s or earlier because it was within your budget or in the location you desired.

Installing Central AC in an Older House

Regardless of the reason you acquired an older home, the reality is that living in Florida, an air conditioner is essential. So how do you install an AC system into an older house?

1. Heat Gain Calculation

An HVAC technician will first do a heat gain calculation. This takes into account the square footage of your home, as well as the amount of heat that comes in through doors, windows, and walls, to determine the size air conditioning unit that would best serve your needs.

2. If Ductwork Does Not Exist, It Will Need To Be Installed.

Once the size has been determined, the time, cost, and effort necessary to install an HVAC system will depend on whether the home is already equipped with air ducts. If the home was built prior to the 1960s, you’ll likely need to have the ductwork installed.

If ductwork needs to be installed, the timeframe will be extended, and the cost could double. The technicians will get creative to hide the ducts and they may have to cut into walls and ceilings to achieve this. However, if there’s a crawl space or an attic, those spaces could be used which would reduce the amount of cutting into drywall.

3. If Ductwork Already Exists, Technicians Can Install the New System.

If the ductwork already exists, technicians can install the new system within a day or two. However, the HVAC professionals will inspect the ducts to ensure that they are properly sealed and insulated. If the ducts have to be resized, this will add time and cost to the project.

If the home has crown molding, ornate ceilings, or any other unique vintage design that you want to preserve, there are compact air duct options that preserve the architectural integrity of historical homes.

If you want to bypass the extra hassle of installing ductwork, there is the option of a mini-split air conditioning system, which is still a significant upgrade from a window unit.

AC Service in Brevard County

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