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How to Navigate Small Talk at the Holiday Dinner Table

December 23, 2015 Colman Heating & Air

Three Tips for Navigating Holiday Dinner Small Talk

With the holidays come an onslaught of dinner parties — and it can be quite the challenge to have great conversations with various people you encounter at these affairs. But with a little practice, everyone can become great at small talk. Follow our quick guide of three tips to help you navigate the holiday dinner table:

1. Be Curious

Every really great conversation begins with curiosity. So as you’re passing the mashed potatoes, ask the person across from you where he or she is from and how that person is connected to the host? At first, it’s best to get to know the person on a very basic level, so try to avoid career, relationship or political questions.

2. Try to Relate

When in doubt, share a little about yourself. If you and a fellow dinner guest share a common connection or interest, try inserting yourself into the conversation by extending the story. We’re all connected by our personal histories and shared humanity. Use these connections as a way to build your confidence as you listen and participate in dinner table dialogue.

3. Know When to Change Subjects

Everyone has found themselves in a conversation with an unengaging individual. Perhaps you’re bored. Maybe the person you’re speaking with doesn’t have the greatest conversation skills and seems to stop talk to no end. In those cases, know when and how to gracefully change the subject. Take advantage of pauses to shift the topic of conversation by noting on the food or decor. Steering conversations elsewhere is a simple skill, and certainly a helpful one at dinner parties. With time and practice you’ll find it comes naturally.

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