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How to Lower Humidity In Your Home This Summer

May 28, 2019 Colman Heating & Air

As Florida residents, we’re all very aware of the fact that along with year-round sunny skies and beautiful beaches, we also have to resign ourselves to high humidity levels; especially during the summer. However, this doesn’t mean we welcome all that mugginess inside our homes. After all, the whole point of having an AC system is to ensure that you’re comfortable when indoors.

So what can you do if your home is humid inside? Is there anything that can help you lower the humidity in your home during the summer?

4 Signs It’s Too Humid Inside Your Home

It’s one thing to feel like there’s humidity around you because you just came in after spending all day in the sticky heat. It’s another thing when items around your house begin to show signs that it’s not all in your head. It’s actually humid indoors. Some of these signs include:

  1. Condensation on windows
  2. Doors stick to the frames when closed
  3. Mold in bathrooms
  4. Floorboards feel loose our bouncy

Humidity is not only uncomfortable, it’s also harmful to your health and property. This is because dust mites thrive in damp environments. The more dust mites in your home, the more dust mite feces you and your family are breathing in, causing allergies and breathing problems.

To add insult to injury, a humid environment causes wood to rot, compromising the structure of your home as well as your furniture.

5 Ways To Lower Humidity Inside Your Home

Here are five ways to lower the humidity inside your home:

  1. Install a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier allows you to control the humidity levels inside your home. During the hotter summer months, set the humidity in your home to 40%. (During chillier days, set it to 60%). Doing so will keep your home comfortable, and you’ll save money on your energy bills. This is because lower humidity means your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to remove excess moisture from your home.
  2. Install a vent with a fan in bathrooms. Bathrooms are one of the most humid places in homes (along with kitchens and laundry rooms). Installing a vent with a fan will help reduce the amount of moisture left behind after hot showers. You can contact an electrician to do this, and the work will generally cost in the low hundreds, at most. Considering how much it does to preserve your home structure, it’s a sound investment.
  3. Seal leaks around doors and windows. It’s common for homes to have leaks around doors and windows and a tenant not be aware of it. Sometimes, the signs are obvious: water seeps in when it rains, or the area right in front of it feels drafty on windy days. Yet, it’s harder to tell during sunny days. You can verify by performing a home energy audit. Doing so will ensure you know if your home needs any fixes. It will also result in lower energy bills once any leaks are sealed.
  4. Get houseplants that absorb moisture. Plants make spaces look beautiful and more inviting. In addition, some of them also absorb moisture from the air through their leaves. These include Boston Ferns, Tillandsia, Reed Palms, and Inglish Ivy. Remember to place the plants in direct sunlight by windows and to water them regularly.
  5. Provide maintenance to your air conditioner. Air conditioners work by absorbing the warm heat inside your home, removing the humidity by dripping water droplets into a drip pan, and siphoning the water from the drip pan through a condensate line. If the air filters are too dirty, the drip pan is rusted, or the condensate line is full of sludge and debris, your AC is not going to work as efficiently as possible. As a result, you’ll end up with a more humid environment. Schedule AC maintenance today.

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