How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Hospitals

It is important for the air quality in hospitals to be as clean and fresh as possible for the health of all patients, health care providers and guests. For those working in, or managing, commercial healthcare environments, pay attention to the following indoor air quality safeguards.

Change Air Filters

It is important to keep air filters clean in any commercial setting and especially in hospitals. Air filters help prevent irritants like bacteria or mildew from spreading throughout the hospital, but the efficacy of an air filter diminishes without regular cleaning or replacement. Regularly changing the air filters will also help the air conditioning system run more efficiently.

Have Air Ducts Cleaned and Inspected

It is important not to overlook the air ducts in a hospital. They can hide hidden pollutants like mold or bacteria. Health care environments have strict standards for maintaining air quality, and this can include duct design and maintenance. Because ducts serve as the pathway for the indoor air, keeping ducts clean and free of leaks can help prevent the spread of airborne contaminants.

Extra Precautions

For environments that need an extra level of air purification, specialized air filters can help. For instance, MERV 17-20 air filters work well in hospitals. Hospitals must also take precautions when it comes to the substances they use to clean, as many of these products contain chemicals that can inhibit patients’ recovery processes and affect guests’ senses. While health care facilities must use some substances to eliminate bacteria and pathogens, they can try to select minimally intrusive products. For example, hospitals can choose scentless sanitizers over artificially scented ones.

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