How to Hurricane Proof Your Air Conditioner

As Floridians, we’re no strangers to the strong summer storms during hurricane season. But while the Sunshine State has been spared from a devastating hurricane in recent years, hurricanes remain a serious threat. As a homeowner, it’s important to take steps to hurricane-proof your home, including your air conditioning system. Learn four easy steps you can take to protect your air conditioning system below.

How to Protect Your Air Conditioner From a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

1. Remove Debris From the Condenser: During a storm with high winds, toys, patio furniture and the like can blow about the yard or from a neighbor’s yard. If a heavy object strikes your condenser unit, it could cause serious damage and leave your air conditioner inoperable. Before a storm, move heavy objects that could potentially strike the condenser unit indoors or in a shed.

2. Secure the Condenser: The first thing you should do before an anticipated storm is to ensure the condenser unit is secured. Anytime inclement weather occurs, especially when there is flooding or high winds, the condenser unit can be ripped from the ground or become unleveled if the ground underneath is shifted.

3. Schedule a Maintenance Checkup: Scheduling routine maintenance checkups for your air conditioning system is an easy and convenient way to ensure your system is functioning as efficiently as possible. During a maintenance checkup, the technician should do a full inspection of your system, which will uncover any flaws within the system that need repairing. Make sure you schedule a maintenance checkup at least twice annually, especially before hurricane season.

4. Invest in a Generator: While you can make efforts to hurricane-proof your air conditioning system, it’s always best to have a backup plan. Investing in a generator is a great way to ensure your family’s comfort and safety during a potentially dangerous storm.

Call Colman Heating & Air to Protect Your AC System This Hurricane Season

Don’t forget about your air conditioning system this hurricane season. A few preventative measures can ensure your air conditioning system is as safe as possible if a big storm hits. Want more hurricane-proofing tips? Give Colman Heating & Air a call today or schedule your maintenance check up online.

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