How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Vent

Air conditioners make your home better. It absorbs moisture, keeps the air you breathe clean, and keeps you cool and comfortable during the brutal Florida summers. They also can come with a hefty price tag if you fail to provide them with regular maintenance. But if you treat your air conditioner right, you’ll keep enjoying its benefits and even save money on your energy bills.

One of the most important things on this To Do list is to clean your AC vents. Think about it: All the dust, pollen, pet hair, pet dander, soot from candles, smoke from cigarettes, dust mites, dust mite feces (yes, you read that right), and whatever other little insect carcasses may be laying around in your air vents are clogging up your ducts and blocking the air flow. Do you really want to keep it that way?

So how do you clean your AC vents and how often should you do it?

How Often Should You Clean Your AC Vents

The good news is that you don’t have to clean them often. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends doing it only as needed (e.g. you can actually see a collection of dust, mold, or debris on your vents).

However, if you have a fuel-burning furnace or stove, the EPA advocates for having an HVAC professional inspecting them at least once a year to protect you against carbon monoxide poisoning.

How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Vent in 5 Steps

Before getting started, review the list of items to assemble for the cleanup:

  • Dust mask
  • screwdriver
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning brush
  • Soap and water
  • Cleaning rag
  • Towel

Step 1. Start by shutting off power to your air conditioner, preferably at the breaker level. You don’t want to risk electrocution.

Step 2. Put on a dust mask. It may be ugly in there.

Step 3. Unscrew the vents from the wall and clean them with the cleaning rag, using soap and water. Once completed, dry the vent with a towel.

Step 4. Vacuum the portion of the duct that is closest to you. Do keep in mind that this is an interim cleaning. For deeper cleanings, you’ll eventually have to call an HVAC professional

Step 5. Reinstall the cleaned vents (and don’t forget to turn the power back on to your AC!)

While these steps will help you clean your vents clean, they are no substitution for actual HVAC maintenance. This is only taking care of the vents and a minute portion of the ducts. It also doesn’t address any potential issues with mold buildup.

Preventive AC Maintenance

Preventive AC maintenance requires more than cleaning your air vents. Replacing your air filters regularly, cleaning the drain line, and taking care of your condenser unit are all necessary components to keep your air conditioning system working efficiently for as long as possible. To do so, you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional twice a year. It’s one of the best investments you can do as a homeowner.

AC Service in Brevard County

At Colman, we understand that sometimes AC issues occur during the most inconvenient times. This is why we have a 24/7 AC emergency line. Call us if you need assistance ASAP, or to schedule routine HVAC maintenance.

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