How Should I Prepare My Air Conditioner for the Winter?

Your air conditioner works hard to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. It is easy to take this for granted until a problem arises and it stops working. Twice-yearly preventive maintenance is key to keeping your AC running in top condition in all seasons, but many homeowners forget to schedule the fall service visits. Here are reasons a fall maintenance call is important.

Schedule AC Maintenance After the Summer

Chances are your AC has been working a little harder all summer to keep you cool. Even in new systems, this extra workload poses additional strain on components.

During the fall service visit, the technician will check for wear and tear such as frayed wires and loose electrical connections and will check for oil leaks and refrigerant leaks. Anything that needs to be repaired, recharged or oiled will be attended to right away.  

Detecting problems early prevents a small issue from becoming a larger one. This keeps your air conditioner in better working condition through the fall and winter and increases the overall lifespan of the unit.

Regularly Clean or Replace Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters, dirty coils or clogged condensate drains reduce an air conditioner’s efficiency and can lead to more serious problems, such as frozen coils and poor indoor air quality. Over a summertime, it is common for dirt to collect on an air conditioner’s inner components. This is even more likely if you are not using the right air filters or are not changing them often enough. During a fall maintenance visit, your technician will check all of these components and clean them if it is necessary.  

Have a Safety Check Performed on Your AC Unit

The technician will check all safety controls and test the AC to ensure all parts continue to run smoothly and safely. This helps prevent fires and other potential system hazards.

Call Colman Heating & Air Today to Schedule Your AC Maintenance

Although winter can mean a reduced need for air conditioning, by having your fall maintenance check, you will know that it will be ready whenever you need it. Regular service visits keep the unit in the best shape, which means energy savings, better indoor air quality and increased lifespan of the system. To schedule your fall air conditioner maintenance, contact us at Colman Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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