How Indoor Air Quality Affects Wood Flooring

Have you considered how temperature and humidity changes can affect your wood floors? Regardless of the type of wood floors installed, whether laminate, engineered or solid wood, they will be susceptible to the quality of air within your home. Although Florida has a humid subtropical climate, the state still has a dry season. The extreme humidity levels and changing temperatures can affect your wood floors negatively without proper climate control.

Care for Wood Floors During the Humid Season

The ideal range of indoor humidity falls between 35 and 55 percent. Damage is likely to occur when the humidity level consistently rises above 55 percent. Wood floors will always seek to contain the same level of humidity as the air surrounding them. When the air is humid, the wood will absorb the moisture, causing the wood planks to buckle and warp. There are a few things you can do to maintain your home’s humidity levels. First, during especially humid days, keep your air conditioner running. While this can increase energy bills, it costs more to replace your wood flooring. Consistent use of your air conditioner will ensure that humidity levels within in the home are within the ideal range.

Care for Wood Floors During the Dry Season

Although rare in Florida, excessively dry air can also damage wood floors. Once again, your wood floors will seek to maintain the level of humidity found in the surrounding air. Dry air will remove valuable moisture from your wood floors, causing them to shrink. If the moisture level inside your home falls below 35 percent, it can cause widening gaps between the boards, splitting along the grain and weakening of the wood. To increase the moisture level in your home to within in ideal range, you might consider using a humidifier.

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