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How Do I Clean My Ice Machine?

January 22, 2016 Colman Heating & Air

In warm Brevard County, Florida, homeowners and businesses sometimes require assistance maintaining and servicing their personal or commercial ice making machines. This wonderfully productive equipment helps create ice cubes or blocks of ice on demand. Whether you enjoy the convenience of drinking refreshing homemade slushies and other icy cool beverages at home, or you use ice machines for your business, you likely appreciate this modern convenience. But, what’s the best way to keep your prized ice making appliance clean? Here are some helpful tips.

Always Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

It’s essential to follow your specific manufacturer instructions when cleaning any ice machine. Owners who ignore the directions in the printed guide that was packaged with new ice machines risk avoiding manufacturer warranties. Just as some automobiles use components manufactured by several different suppliers, different brands of ice making machinery sometimes use parts made by a variety of other companies. By following the written directions accompanying your product, you help ensure that you won’t damage any internal components of the ice making machine during normal cleaning.

Check With Manufacturers

If you’ve lost your instructional brochure or you’ve purchased your ice maker second hand, look up the brand manufacturer to obtain cleaning guidelines for the specific model of ice machine you use. Some manufacturers today furnish this information online. Unfortunately, on occasion, manufacturers of ice making equipment go out of business or relocate and change the name of the firm. Tracking down specific cleaning information may pose a challenge in this situation.

Seek Professional Maintenance

Scheduling regular inspections and professional cleaning for older units remains very important from a safety standpoint. A trained, licensed HVAC technician offers valuable assistance. During your routine HVAC maintenance and service appointments, simply ask your technician to take a look at your ice making equipment, too. Provide a copy of any manufacturer guidelines, if available. Your heating and refrigeration professional can inspect your ice machine, clean dirty evaporator coils and perform other necessary routine maintenance tasks.

Depend Upon Colman Heating & Air

The skilled technicians at Colman Heating & Air care for a wide array of home and commercial refrigeration products, from air conditioning units to walk-in coolers. In the Brevard County, Florida area, we at Colman Heating & Air, Inc. proudly serve and please our customers by helping to keep their cooling and heating systems functioning efficiently and safely. We’ll help you clean and maintain your ice machine also. Give us a call at (321) 360-7566 or schedule an appointment online for regular HVAC service and maintenance and ice machine cleaning.

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