Does Temperature Affect Productivity?

It’s an age old debate of workplace productivity. Does the temperature of the room affect how productive you are? For anyone that switches from tab to tab online, or simply struggles to stay focused, this may be an article worth reading.

How Cold Is Too Cold?

We can all agree that air conditioning has made our lives a lot more comfortable. But in terms of productivity in the office or home, how cold is too cold? It seems as though in our work life, we can never truly get comfortable. For those of you who keep blankets at your desks, we understand how you feel. Cornell University conducted a study on room temperatures and productivity. They found that when the room temperature was at 68 degrees, employees made 44 percent more errors. When the temperature was 77 degrees, on the other hand, employees were twice as productive.

Not only were these employees cold and less productive, but they were also inefficient and distracted. In addition, the study found that if the temperatures were raised a few degrees it could save each employee $2 per worker per hour. So, the company would save roughly 12.5 percent by cranking the thermostat up a little bit.

Does Temperature Affect Social Situations?

Actually, yes. A study that was published in Psychological Science found that colder temperatures affected how participants felt when describing a brief film to the experimenter. The volunteers who were in warmer temperatures felt closer and more of a personal connection with the experimenter. Volunteers who were in colder temperatures described the film in more abstract conditions.

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