Does Insulation Affect My AC?

Floridians know what it takes to cope with hot weather. They also pay more to keep their homes cool during the hot summer months. Having enough of the right kind of insulation has a direct impact on the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, plus it will help lower energy bills. In order to determine if you have enough insulation, check the following areas:

The Attic

One of the most important places to have the right kind of insulation is your attic. If you do not have enough there, you will find that heat from your attic is filtering down from your ceiling into your living spaces. This means that your HVAC unit works harder to keep those rooms cool. It is recommended that you have between R30 to R60 in your attic.

Two kinds of insulation can be used: batt or loose-fill insulation, and you may also have reflective sheets on the ceiling. If you already have both kinds, chances are good that you may not need more in your attic.

External Walls

All of your outside walls should be insulated. This will help keep the heat on the outside and the cool inside. You can check on the type of insulation and approximate thickness by pulling out a light switch – after the power is off, of course. The insulation there can go up to R-15 if you have 2X4 inch walls, or up to R-21 in 2X6 inch walls.

Insulated sheathing can also be put in place to help keep out the heat. This can be done if you put new siding on your home.

Crawl Spaces

For older Florida homes, you also want to look at the insulation in your crawl spaces. If you use electricity to heat and cool your home, it is recommended that you use R-19 to R-25 in your floors in order to save more money.

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