Do Air Conditioners Help With Allergies?

According to the American College of Allergies, Asthma & Immunology, allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the United States. Moreover, more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year!

If you suffer from allergies, then you know just how awful it can be. Between the coughing and the itchy eyes, to the incessantly runny nose and sinus pressure, allergies aren’t just annoying. They can easily be fully disruptive to your life.

When it comes to lessening your allergy symptoms, you’ve likely tried it all. Unfortunately, nasal spray and over-the-counter medication can only go so far. But have you ever considered that your air conditioning system could be one of your greatest defenses? That’s because, when working efficiently, your air conditioning system can help filter out debris that can worsen allergies. Read on to learn how a clean AC improves indoor air quality.

Why Does Air Conditioning Help Allergies?

Your air conditioning system does a lot more than just keeping your home cool and comfortable. Besides providing comfort on a hot day, your air conditioning system is constantly working to filter out are particles from the inside of your home. These particles (think: dander, dirt, dust, and other types of debris that can irritate sinuses) get stopped by the air filter, trapping them before they can continue to circulate throughout the rooms in your home and into your lungs.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that your air conditioning system can seriously improve your home’s indoor air quality. But your air conditioning system does more than just filter out allergy-inducing particles. Your system also works to regulate the levels of humidity inside of your home. Since higher levels of humidity breed allergens like bacteria, mildew, and mold, your air conditioning system is one of your biggest lines of defense against them. At the end of the day, a clean AC improves indoor air quality – but how can you make sure your AC is clean? Keep reading.

Get Your AC Ready for Allergy Season & Beyond

Although your air conditioning system can help you fend off allergies, it can only do so if it’s maintained properly. In fact, when you skip out on maintaining your AC, the air quality inside of your home can actually get worse which can worsen your allergy symptoms too.

Fortunately, there are easy steps you can take to ensure your air conditioning system is ready to help you fight allergies throughout the year. Here’s how:

Change or clean your AC filters regularly

Remember when we talked about how your AC traps those gross allergy-inducing particles? Well it can only do so if the air filter isn’t already bogged down by debris. This is why it’s so important that you change or clean your AC filters regularly. We recommend swapping the old air filter for a new one every month or so. But if you have pets or live in a particularly dusty area, you may benefit from changing the air filter more often.

Schedule yearly AC maintenance

This is by far the best thing you can do for your air conditioning system. When you schedule yearly AC maintenance with a trusted HVAC professional, they will inspect your entire system and ensure that everything is functioning as it should. Not only will this ensure that your investment lasts for years to come, but you can rest assured that your AC is in peak operating performance to help fight allergies.

While these are the two biggest pieces of advice we give Florida homeowners, here are a couple easy steps you can take to keep your air conditioning system ready to tackle allergy season:

  • Clean any debris around your air conditioning unit, both inside and out
  • Regularly dust all of the indoor registers and returns
  • Keep your doors and windows closed while your air conditioning system is running
  • Have your ductwork inspected by an HVAC professional to ensure there are no leaks or mold
  • Consider investing in an air purifier

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality with Yearly AC Maintenance

At Colman Heating & Air, your family’s comfort is only second to your safety. That’s why we want to help you live in ultimate comfort without great indoor air quality too. If you’re worried about the air in your home, contact us today. Our experienced technicians can help you find the right solution to improve your home’s indoor air quality whether it’s through changing or clean your air filters regularly or yearly AC maintenance. Call today or schedule your appointment online.

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