Does a Dehumidifier Cool a Room?

As Floridians, we are no strangers to humidity. But just because we have to put up with the humidity outdoors, doesn’t mean we need to suffer inside our homes.
Excessive indoor humidity is not only uncomfortable but damaging to your home and your health. The most effective way to combat humidity indoors is with the use of a dehumidifier.

What Does a Dehumidifier Do?

A dehumidifier pulls in the air from a room, removes the moisture from the air and then blows the dry air back out into the room. The collected moisture drips to a collection tank that you will occasionally need to empty.

How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

A dehumidifier works by refrigeration (cooling air to remove moisture) or by absorption/adsorption (where moisture is absorbed into a drying material and then removed).

Using a dehumidifier offers many benefits. It helps reduce mold and moisture, and improves the air quality which helps people with asthma and allergies.

Dehumidifier vs. AC

Many people debate whether a dehumidifier or AC system is better. However, these two machines differ in how they function and in the benefits they provide:

– Remove moisture from the air
– Leave warm air indoors
– Remove and prevent allergens
– Are portable in your home

Air Conditioners
– Circulate hot air and create cool blasts
– Move hot air to outdoors
– Do not remove allergens

Do Dehumidifiers Also Lower Your Room Temperature?

The answer is yes; dehumidifiers can lower the room temperature. The dehumidifier helps the air conditioning system work more efficiently by removing the humidity from the air. As a result, when the AC turns on, it is much easier to cool the dry air.

When To Use a Dehumidifier

Your home needs a dehumidifier if:

– Your windows are covered in condensation
– Your home has wet stains on the walls or ceilings
– There are visible mold spots on the ceilings or walls
– You have a bug problem
– Your home smells musty
– There is excess moisture in your home
– You suffer from allergies

4 Benefits Of Owning a Dehumidifier

There are many benefits of owning a dehumidifier:

1. Dehumidifiers Reduce Humidity Levels
Dehumidifiers reduce humidity levels in your home, which prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and dust mites.

2. Dehumidifiers Reduce Energy Costs
Having a dehumidifier in your home will lower your energy costs because it helps your HVAC system run more efficiently. The more humid the air is in your home, the harder your AC has to work to cool and remove moisture from the air, causing more AC repairs and replacements.

3. Dehumidifiers Reduce Odors
Dehumidifiers help reduce odors from mold and mildew, getting rid of the musty, rotting smells that come with those allergens.

4. Dehumidifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality
Dehumidifiers reduce allergens in your home’s air, allowing you to breathe easier and feel more comfortable in your home. In a less humid home, your bread and cereals will stay fresh longer and won’t get stale as quickly.

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