Do HEPA Air Filters Work?

While there are many types of filters used in conjunction with forced-air heating or air conditioning systems, the HEPA filter purifies the air by reducing allergens much more efficiently than typical regular-grade filters. Still, some might wonder if the investment is worth it in terms of air quality. Here are some things to know about HEPA filters:

Allergen Prevention and Elimination

HEPA filters enable your forced-air unit to not only adjust the climate of your home, but also to prevent dust mites, mold, and various allergens from populating your environment. Installing a HEPA filter can improve your home’s ventilation, clean the air and promote an overall healthier mode of living.

Proven Results in Commercial Applications

HEPA filters are widely-used in residential environments, though they are probably best known for their use in automobiles, medical buildings, aircraft, and cleanrooms. In order for a filter to even qualify as a HEPA filter, it is required to satisfy particular federal standards. Air passing through a HEPA filter must have 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or greater removed from it, in accordance with the United States Department of Energy.

Reduced Particle Shedding

HEPA filters are usually made from materials that don’t tend to shed any type of particles, such as stainless steel. Depending on the installation, the filters work by creating one of the following air flow patterns: turbulent air flow or laminar air flow. Turbulent air flows straight downward, lessening the possibility of turbulence, while the laminar air flow works by flowing unilaterally. Air flow is then filtered through the HEPA filter, essentially cleansing the particles from a given room.

Contact Colman Heating and Air for Filters

To take advantage of the health benefits of purified air in Brevard County, Florida, it is important to choose a heating and cooling unit that filters your air before sending it back into your home. Any model that features a HEPA filter is a top choice when compared with other filtering systems. To learn more about the advantages of HEPA filters, and to determine if installing one would meet your home’s needs, contact Colman Heating and Air today. One of our highly-trained staff members will discuss all your options with you.

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