Differences Between Central AC and Ductless

Because of the hot temperatures that are prevalent in Florida, air conditioning is vital. This, combined with the popularity of forced air heating, has established central air conditioning as the preferred method of keeping cool. However, ductless systems are becoming popular due to their efficiency and accurate room-by-room temperature control. If you are curious about how ductless systems measure up, this quick comparison between the two systems should give a clearer picture of how each one operates, its assets, drawbacks and applications.

Pros and Cons of Central Air Conditioning

Both systems use a working fluid like R-134 to absorb indoor heat through an evaporator before being pressurized by a compressor. A fan removes excess heat before the pressure is released, its temperature falls and the cycle repeats. With a traditional central air conditioning unit, everything is indoors except for the condenser. The cold interior air travels throughout the house via air ducts. Installing these units from scratch is an expensive undertaking, but with preexisting ducts, it is more affordable than a ductless system. On the other hand, it is noisy, there is one temperature setting for all and ducts can lose nearly a third of their air in transit.

Pros and Cons of Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless systems consist of a single small compressor and outdoor condenser unit. This feature alone ensures quieter operations. Instead of blowing air through ducts, the refrigerant is pumped to evaporator units in separate rooms so that each room unit can have its individual temperature setting. The compressor adjusts to these various levels of demand, using less energy. Also, without the need for ducting, these systems are cheaper to install in houses or additions that lack such fixtures. The main downside of this technology is the visibility of the evaporator units.

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